How to Watch the Oscars Live Online, Plus: 10 Little-Known Oscar Facts You Probably Didn't Know

How to Watch the Oscars Live Online, Plus: 10 Little-Known Oscar Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Feb 27, 2014


Ready your drinking games, place your bets, and bring on the theme parties. It’s Oscar time, kids. Yes, it’s that surreal Sunday night that you love to hate, but wouldn’t miss for the world. Hollywood’s best and worst gather in one room to hypnotize us with their too-long speeches and hopefully behave badly (just a little) so we have something to talk about. With that comes the inevitable slew of Oscar-ready info, but we dig this roundup of little-known Oscar facts, which we spotted on Neatorama.

We’ve heard several of the factoids before, like the one about Tom Hanks famously outing his drama teacher during his Best Actor speech, which inspired an entire film. Others are new to us — especially the info from Oscars’ days of old. Walt Disney apparently received one big Oscar and seven small ones for his work on Snow White. Then there’s ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, who received a wooden statue with a moveable mouth. Amazing! Did you know John Lasseter dresses his two Oscars up in Barbie clothes? We can’t decide if that’s terrifying or adorable.

In other Oscar-iffic news, you can now watch the Oscars streaming online. The 86th annual Academy Awards will be the first telecast in history to do so, so be sure to check out the Ellen DeGeneres-hosted show on the WATCH ABC app. According to Cinema Blend:


WATCH ABC is ‘available for subscribers to participating pay-TV providers online and through the WATCH ABC app on your iPhone or Android device,’ according to the paper, and this is the first time they will carry the Oscars. However, in order to access the service, you must have ‘a cable subscription through Comcast, Cablevision, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Midcontinent Communications, Verizon FiOS, Google Fiber or AT&T U-Verse in either New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Raleigh-Durham or Fresno.’”


Tune in March 2, and join us in spirit via Twitter.



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