How to Watch Every Movie the Day It's Released in Theaters

How to Watch Every Movie the Day It's Released in Theaters

Dec 04, 2012


Want to watch movies on the day they're released from the comfort of your home? There's a way, with PRIMA Cinema. The elaborate home theater system knocks your current setup out of the park. A rack-mountable player and PRIMA Biometric Reader load up the films automatically delivered via broadband (a speedy Internet connection is required). Audio and video is output over HDMI (audio also has lossless PCM or Dolby TrueHD capability), with built-in 3D support. The company claims their tech provides "better clarity and deeper colors than current Blu-ray players." There's also a security system in place so you don't have to worry about your drunken movie-watching orgy spiraling out of control and accidentally downloading ALL THE MOVIES IN THE UNIVERSE, or someone trying to steal the latest Star Wars film.
If you're worried about having some clunky, ugly system mucking up your movie sexability, fear not: "sleek contours of the exterior industrial design were crafted by BMW DesignWorksUSA in their California design studio for a unique yet classic look." The system fits into a standard 19" rack cabinet and is designed to work with existing displays, but you may feel like an inadequate fool after you start to toy with the thing, compelling you to upgrade.
What does all this cost you? The elite system runs a pretty penny — $35,000 — with each film costing patrons $500 to download. Would you sell your kidneys to own this thing? If you're a tech geek, speak up: Does PRIMA deliver as far as the specs are concerned? Is this where the future of films is headed so we can rest easy and avoid psychotics on a killing spree and annoying mobile phone-loving moviegoers? Chime in with your thoughts, below. [Spotted via Uncrate]


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