How to Watch the Best, Strangest and Most Amazing Movie Trailers in the World

How to Watch the Best, Strangest and Most Amazing Movie Trailers in the World

Oct 03, 2012

The American Genre Film Archive houses about 1500 35mm prints — mainly exploitation films. If you've been to a genre festival since 2009, then you've probably seen one of the movies they have taken care to preserve in their massive collection. Austin movie outfit Drafthouse Films has partnered with the archive for their latest DVD and Blu-ray release, Trailer Wars. It's exactly what it sounds like: a strange and sleazy medley of coming-attraction trailers from every dark corner of genre cinema.

These are the kinds of films you'll probably never get your grubby hands on, and most of them have never been presented in HD before, which means you'll want to plunk down your dollars and pick up the home edition. Drafthouse is promising "the high-flying, explosive metal mayhem of Stunt Rock to Thunder Cops' disembodied-flying-head chaos, each three-minute masterpiece is a beckoning portal to another, more exciting dimension." There's a lot of retro eye candy in the below trailer… of trailers. Dig in, and look for the DVD/Blu-ray set on December 18.

Features include: commentary with Alamo Drafthouse programmer and Trailer Wars curators Lars Nilsen and Zack Carlson, an interview with the always amazing Joe Dante (Trailers from Hell), the featurette Behind the Scenes at the American Genre Film Archive, plus hidden Easter eggs. Enjoy, heathens.

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