Could Harry Potter's Quidditch Become The Next Official High School Sport?

Could Harry Potter's Quidditch Become The Next Official High School Sport?

Jun 30, 2011

Sure the Harry Potter film franchise may be winding down after about a decade, but a group of students at Keller high school are hoping to keep it alive via Quidditch – real Quidditch. Apparently the Texas school is packed with students who think Quidditch is the cool thing to do and have already amassed an 80-person club that breaks down into four teams.

Club co-founder Brooklyn George had no problem getting history teacher David Clemmons to sponsor the club. As Clemmons recalled, "I thought it would be fun. I knew that there were some really rabid Harry Potter fans in the school. So, we just decided to see if it would go.” Well, it went and now Clemmons and his co-founder, Kati Polaski, have their eye on the University Interscholastic League.

Should they convince the UIL to sanction Quidditch, that would make it the 14th official high school sport. Recently, a group of Quidditch players traveled to Austin to try to work some magic on the UIL and while they haven’t been given the thumbs up just yet, the organization didn’t quash their request either. According to Clemmons, part of what it’ll come down to is that, "The UIL committee just wants to know how many people in Texas are really interested in playing Quidditch." In an effort to gain more support, the Keller students are holding a petition drive through which they’ve got their fingers crossed to secure the signatures of at least 200 Texas schools.


Yes, the idea of a fictional sport becoming a reality sounds like fun, but it’s incredibly difficult to imagine this group of high school students being able to solidify the rules to make it as serious as something like basketball or football. As dedicated as the club members may be, UIL approval will likely require widespread acceptance and, as wildly successful as the books and films are, there are still people out there who haven’t seen or read either, or some that just will not be able to take this whole venture seriously. Plus, the fact that more common sports like gymnastics, water polo and lacrosse are still without UIL approval makes it seem even more unlikely that Quidditch will get the okay.

The key here is going to be separating the sport from the fiction, proving that playing Quidditch doesn’t require an imagination or familiarity with the source material. Right now, the idea makes me think of LARPing. Sure, there’s athleticism involved, but a big part of the game is getting into character and, therefore, imagination. And, let’s face it: Not everyone takes LARPing very seriously.

What do you think? Would you play Quidditch if there was a team at your school? Do you think it should become an official high school sport?

[via Baltimore Sun]



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