How to Own Amazing Props from 'Jaws', 'The Dark Knight', 'Star Trek' and More

How to Own Amazing Props from 'Jaws', 'The Dark Knight', 'Star Trek' and More

Mar 01, 2013

Jaws movie propsIf there’s one thing we love almost as much as movies, it’s movie memorabilia. We’re not sure why that is, but there’s just something fascinating about owning a prop or poster or some other item – especially if it was used by a favorite actor or was featured on-screen. Movie memorabilia is a big business these days, and thanks to the magic of the Internet, it’s entirely possible to get in on the action without having to hop a plane to attend a Hollywood auction in person.

Memorabilia site has been in the biz for over a decade now, and they always have some of coolest and most sought after items around. Last year, the website started hosting regular online auctions of great memorabilia, and next weekend will mark the first offering of 2013. If you love movies, it’s time to break open that piggy bank because there's some amazing stuff in this event. I’m already trying to figure out who I can rob in order to by Robert Shaw’s screen-used machete from Jaws, for example…

There’s something for pretty much every budget in the nearly 400 individual lots – and you could literally spend hours studying the online catalogue (also available in PDF format…) prepping your plan of attack for next Saturday’s official auction. We’ll help you save a bit of time by pointing out some of the most impressive items up for grabs.

Naturally, we’re starting with the most awesome items – several pieces of memorabilia from Steven Spielberg’s classic Jaws. The highlight is the aforementioned machete, used by Robert Shaw’s Quint late in the film. Very few props survived from the Jaws shoot, and Quint’s machete is arguably a holy grail for collectors. Estimates are that this piece of movie history will set you back between $4,000 to $6,000. If you buy it for me, you will be my hero for forever.

Jaws machete

If that’s a bit steep for you, but you love Jaws, you might consider a bid for Hooper’s dive mask ($1,000 - $1,500), a section of the Orca (same price) or the shark tooth mold and sample teeth ($1,500 - $2,000).

Maybe you’re not into Jaws, though – maybe you really like Batman. If that’s the case, you’re in luck.

Dark Knight Joker Glock

Fans of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight will surely lust after Heath Ledger’s screen-used knife and Glock pistol. The knife is expected to fetch in neighborhood of $4,000, while the gun could set you back over $12,000. We suspect both of those items will sell.

Harry Potter fans will find lots of cool items to add to their collection, including Harry, Hermione and Ron’s wands from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ($3,500 - $6,500 each) or the Nimbus 2,000 broom shaft Daniel Radcliffe used in the first two films. That one’s gonna set you back roughly $12,000 if predictions pan out.

Harry Potter Nimbus

Finally, we suspect many Trekkies will be lusting after the official Klingon uniform and mask worn in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Sure, that’s one of the weaker Star Trek films, but this is a legit Klingon costume – you could get married in it if you wanted to! And the privilege of owning it can be yours for an estimated $7,000.

With nearly 400 items on sale, this is really just a very tiny sampling of what’s going to be available at the March 9 auction (other quick highlights: an alien facehugger from Alien vs. Predator and Harrison Ford’s shirt from Blade Runner…). If you’ve got an income tax return burning a hole in your pocket and you want to add some movie memorabilia to your collection, this auction is the way to go. If you do bid and win something, be sure to let us know so we can be totally jealous.

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