Here's a Video Tutorial on How to Look Like Ryan Gosling

Here's a Video Tutorial on How to Look Like Ryan Gosling

Feb 16, 2012

In case you haven't noticed lately, Ryan Gosling is The Man. He's cool, laid back, great at everything and dating Eva Mendes. In terms of dude coolness, that's pretty much as high on the chart as you get. So naturally other dudes out there are going to want to learn how to look more like Ryan Gosling in the hopes their lives will somehow become richer and more enjoyable should they resemble one of the world's most sought-after actors. Problem with that is you kinda have to look like Gosling before you really try to look like Gosling, and if that's you then this video may help put the finishing touches on your creepy Gosling transformation.

He goes by the name Joey Thompson, and, yeah, Joey actually looks a little like Ryan Gosling, plus 10 pounds or so. Joey became a bit sick and tired of people telling him he looks like Ryan Gosling, and so he decided to make a video tutorial teaching folks the proper way to look (and talk) like Ryan Gosling. The video takes a minute or so to get going, but it's actually pretty funny and Joey does, in fact, look a lot like Ryan Gosling. Might not make him a star, but we bet he'd make a good wingman out at the bar.

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