How to Determine What Role You'd Play in the 'Star Wars' Movies

How to Determine What Role You'd Play in the 'Star Wars' Movies

May 07, 2013

When you grow up with a franchise and watch its movies over and over, it's pretty hard not to imagine what role you'd play on the off chance you were suddenly transported to the same universe as the movie you're obsessed with. In the case of Star Wars, the closest we've come to deciding which part we'd like to play has come via the video games, some of which give you the option of fighting for the good guys or the bad guys. For everyone else, here's a handy infographic that asks some fairly reasonable questions in an attempt to pinpoint how exactly you'd fit in to the Star Wars universe. Are you a Jedi, a Death Star laser operator or a Sith apprentice?

Whatever the case, let's just hope you're not one of Jabba's slave girls. Contrary to popular belief, that's definitely not something to aspire to. [via]

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