How to Create Your Own Epic 'Star Wars' Sequel Debacle Right Now

How to Create Your Own Epic 'Star Wars' Sequel Debacle Right Now

Dec 26, 2012

You have to admit it's tough to hear there's a new Star Wars sequel hitting theaters in 2015, and then having to actually wait until 2015 to see it. Sure, these days we can practically learn every little thing about the movie (down to who's handling catering on set and what they're serving) ahead of its release, but sometimes we want to skip ahead to the future and find out whether this thing will be a success or a complete debacle. Enter: The Star Wars Sequel Debacle Simulatron!

Created by Ben Johnson and Joe Kowalski, this comical simulatron lets you choose a combination of writer/director/star for your Star Wars sequel, as well as its title, and then it spits out details on the production cost, opening weekend grosses, domestic take, critical score, and, eventually, whatever profit your sequel managed to take home.  

Our sequel, titled A Fistful of Wookies, was written by Paul Thomas Anderson, directed by Michael Bay and stars Jeff Goldblum. It was given a B- (not bad), and opened with $89 million on its way to $341 million domestic. With $177 million in profit, perhaps Disney should start thinking about Bay-ifying this sucka up!

Give it a spin here, and let us know which ridiculous combination you were most successful with. 

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