How Pixar Uses Math to Create Some of Your Favorite Movies

How Pixar Uses Math to Create Some of Your Favorite Movies

Apr 02, 2014


We’re all friends here, so let’s be honest. When watching a Pixar movie, how many times do you wonder to yourself (or aloud, probably) “How the hell did they do that?” The animation giant continues to impress with its dedication to lifelike details and colorful characters, but crafting these creations is no small feat. It requires dozens of experts and computer wizzes, but the one thing all those hardworking individuals have in common is that they rely on good old-fashioned math to get the job done.

Pixar research lead Tony DeRose explores some of the math behind the animations in this informative-but-brief clip. All the boring math you didn’t pay attention to in high school is used every day at Pixar to bring its stories to life. Clearly the Pixar team gets high on trigonometry, geometry and other stuff we probably can’t pronounce.

Watch the clip, and head to Filmmaker IQ for more Pixar math lessons.


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