Find Out Who Pays More to Be a Superhero: Batman or Iron Man

Find Out Who Pays More to Be a Superhero: Batman or Iron Man

Aug 01, 2012

Last week we pointed you to this pretty funny infographic created by Money Super Market detailing exactly how much it would cost to actually be Batman. What we learned is that between the suit, the vehicles, his Bat-crib, gadgets and training, Bruce Wayne had to be shelling out upwards of $682 million in order to defend Gotham from freaky criminals like the Joker and Bane. That's a heckuva lotta cash, and probably a good reason why there's no Batman in real life since the folks with that sort of money to blow are spending it on vacations, swanky yachts and front-row tickets to the latest Drake concert. 

But since we're playing around here, we do wonder whether it's most expensive to be Batman, or if there's another superhero out there who can beat those numbers. We immediately thought of that other billionaire playboy, Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), and guess who Money Super Market chose for their follow-up infographic?

Yup, it's Iron Man. And according to this chart, Iron Man sorta blows Batman out of the theme park, coming in with a ridiculous number that totals over a billion dollars. According to this it's those suits that put Iron Man over the top, though we're not sure how they can even accurately calculate how much those suits are costing Stark. They also did not factor in the yearly pay for Pepper Potts or Happy Hogan, unless their checks come in the form of simply getting to hang with Iron Man. Not a bad salary, though you may need extra health benefits for obvious reasons. 

Click on the images to enlarge and see the full infographics ...


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