Find Out How Much it Costs to Be Batman and Smell Like an Avenger

Find Out How Much it Costs to Be Batman and Smell Like an Avenger

Jul 24, 2012

We already know that Bruce Wayne affords to be Batman because when he's not donning the cape and gadgets to fight crime, he's a billionaire businessman who can buy pretty much anything he wants (up until The Dark Knight Rises, that is). But in case you were wondering just how much it would cost to be Batman in real life, the folks over at threw together this little infographic detailing many of Batman's expenses, minus his medical bills (we imagine the dude has decent health insurance). Check it out below ... [via ThinkMcflyThink]

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how much does it cost to be Batman


If you don't quite have the funds to play around as Batman, but you'd still like to feel like a superhero, then you can now smell like one of the Avengers for the more reasonable price of $34.99. Marvel has teamed up with JADS International on four separate colognes inspired by characters from The Avengers. So now you can smell like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk, or you can pick up a four-pack for $58.04 and decide which superhero you want to smell like based on your mood each morning.

We're not sure we'd want to smell like the Hulk, but we do admire the fact that it plays to a "full range of emotions, whether you're feeling like Bruce Banner or are ready to party like the Hulk," according to Marvel. From what we can tell, all four of these colognes (as well as the four-pack) are available to purchase via Amazon, which also tells us that there's a Black Widow perfume and a cologne called Loki Mischief.

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