How Great Does Kate Beckinsale Look in 'Total Recall'?

How Great Does Kate Beckinsale Look in 'Total Recall'?

Jul 19, 2012

Gotta say, this writer was not anticipating the Total Recall remake the way I've been itching for movies like The Dark Knight Rises, Looper, Django Unchained or The Master, but there's something about it that keeps grabbing my attention and, yeah, I'm pretty sure that's Kate Beckinsale. Obviously it's not hard to be infatuated with Kate Beckinsale -- it's practically a given these days for any male (and probably a lot of females too) to be born with a gene that predisposes them to loving the hell out of Kate Beckinsale, especially when she wears tight, leather pants. That said, each piece of footage released from Total Recall featuring Becks in full-on fight mode just makes us giddy to watch her explode on-screen next month.

It wasn't the trailers that sold me as much as it was the Comic-Con footage they showed out in San Diego. Essentially a more in-depth, extended trailer that lasted for about seven or eight minutes, the Comic-Con stuff really delved more into some of Becks' fight scenes, like one where she leaps into an elevator from above and proceeds to beat the crap out of both Jessica Biel and Colin Farrell ... at the same time. There's also this scene below, which harkens back to the same moment in the original Total Recall, where a wife turns on a husband and all hell breaks loose. At the very least, the fight choreography in this movie looks fun to watch. 

Don't know how the film will turn out (for all we know she could have two fun fighting scenes and then bail), but I can't be the only one who's kinda excited by the fact that at least one big, summer blockbuster features a female villain who kicks all sorts of ass. Summer needs its female heroes and villains. The year feels more complete and well-rounded that way. 

We'll take a look back at the year's best villains this December, and I definitely wouldn't be surprised if Kate Beckinsale is on that list (or at least I kinda hope she makes it).

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