How Daniel Craig Almost Choked to Death Filming 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'

How Daniel Craig Almost Choked to Death Filming 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'

Dec 20, 2011

There's been a lot written about David Fincher's reinvented Lisbeth Salander — played by Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake. Daniel Craig's Mikael Blomkvist has taken somewhat of a backseat next to the ass-kicking hacker who has been the center of most of the press. We've all heard about Mara's real nipple piercings, tattoos, and motorcycle stunts, but now comes news about an insane experience that Craig had to endure while filming the revenge thriller.

Stop reading here if you want to avoid any and all spoilers.

Fincher is known for pushing his actors to the limit when it comes to transforming them into his characters. Craig found that out first-hand when the James Bond actor actually lost consciousness for a scene that required him to be hoisted into the air with a plastic bag over his head. We don't want to spoil the story for you, but if you've read the original tales by Swedish author Stieg Larsson or saw the Noomi Rapace-starring movie in 2009 then you probably remember a part near the end when the journalist is unexpectedly hung by the movie's main baddie. David Fincher recently explained what happened to Craig during the making of the movie. Apparently the stunt co-coordinator gave the star a metal gadget to alert the crew in case he did lose consciousness during the scene. "Because he's gonna be acting like he's suffocating, which is not very different from actually suffocating ... " Fincher elaborated. "He was hoisted up and we were rolling and he had this thing in his hand and as I'm watching the monitor I hear, 'Ting, ting, ting' and we rush in (to the room) and he had passed out!"
Craig was instructed on the production report to head home 15 minutes early so he could get a head-start on recovering from the breathtaking event. The Adventures of Tintin star brushed the whole thing off, though. "It was just another day working with David Fincher!" he shared. Watch Daniel Craig nearly shuffle off this mortal coil — and someone hopefully cut the cord in time — when the film hits theaters today. [via IMDb]

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