How 'The Maze Runner' Will Change the Way We Watch Movies

How 'The Maze Runner' Will Change the Way We Watch Movies

Aug 29, 2014

How would you like to see The Maze Runner in a way no other movies are being seen right now? The upcoming YA adaptation will be the first Hollywood title released on Escape screens when the new format is unveiled in U.S. theaters on September 19, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

What is Escape? It's a panoramic projection using three screens, with the extra two extending at an angle on either side from the central screen that we're currently used to. It's similar to the 1950s Cinerama format but fixed for and with the digital age.

Check out a promo video below, via Slashfilm.


With The Maze Runner, though, you won't be getting the fully intended effect of Escape. Because the sci-fi flick wasn't shot with the format in mind, Fox is working with Escape's company, Barco, to create extra material specific to these showings. Basically, the movie everyone else will see at normal theaters is going to be fully projected on the middle screen, while the right and left screens will feature computer-generated content that continues the scenery.

The assumption is that for The Maze Runner, that content will mainly be extra parts of the maze. So unnecessary filler, essentially, maybe even distracting from the real action, but if some thought is put into it, the studio could manage to make it interesting in spite of it being extraneous. Maybe the makers can throw in some goodies that fans of the book will appreciate or something to make this an exclusive experience rather than just a trial one. 

Only one other movie is named as being a possible Escape-format release, and that's The Devil's Double. Yes, the drama came out three years ago and wasn't a big hit, but it has been used as a test subject by Barco, so it's theater ready for a rerelease. Maybe it can add a bit to its box office take with the appeal of a new way of seeing it. 

Here are the locations where you can watch The Maze Runner in Escape next month:

Cinemark 18 & XD at the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center in Los Angeles, California.

Cinemark’s Redwood Downtown & XD in Redwood City, Calfornia.

Cinemark Paradise 24 & XD in Davie, Florida.

Cinemark West Plano & XD in Plano, Texas.

Cinemark @ Seven Bridges and Imax in Woodridge, Illinois.




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