The New 'Hotel Transylvania 2' Trailer Shows You Its Hilarious Pouty Bat Face

The New 'Hotel Transylvania 2' Trailer Shows You Its Hilarious Pouty Bat Face

Jun 17, 2015

As you grow up, your relationship with animated movies tends to evolve. When you're younger, you watch every single one that comes out. If it's animated, you're seeing it. Then you grow up, and you tend to get a bit pickier, sticking only with those that seem to get rave reviews. And then if you happen to have kids, you go back to the start, only your child finds one that they love and you get stuck watching it over and over and over forever.

Usually that makes you hate whatever movie it is (ask most parents what they really think about Frozen), but sometimes it makes you like it even more. For me that was the case with Hotel Transylvania, which told a fun, endearing, and, most importantly, original story with a set of movie monsters that have been shackled to the same kinds of stories for decades now. Repeat watches haven't actually turned it into an underrated masterpiece, but it's certainly revealed it to be leagues better than things like Monsters vs Aliens or the Madagascar movies.

All of this is a long way of saying that I, a grown man, am actively looking forward to Hotel Transylvania 2. Watch the first full trailer for the film below.

Here's the official synopsis:

Dracula’s rigid monster-only hotel policy has finally relaxed, opening up its doors to human guests. But behind closed coffins, Drac is worried that his adorable half-human, half-vampire grandson, Dennis, isn’t showing signs of being a vampire. So while Mavis is busy visiting her human in-laws with Johnny – and in for a major cultural shock of her own – “Vampa” Drac enlists his friends Frank, Murray, Wayne and Griffin to put Dennis through a “monster-in-training” boot camp. But little do they know that Drac’s grumpy and very old, old, old school dad Vlad is about to pay a family visit to the hotel. And when Vlad finds out that his great-grandson is not a pure blood – and humans are now welcome at Hotel Transylvania – things are going to get batty!





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