'Hostel'-Themed Maze Coming to Universal Studios

'Hostel'-Themed Maze Coming to Universal Studios

Jul 29, 2011

If your hostel stays in the past have included bed bugs, keeping unsavory characters out of your room, and bathrooms that resembled infectious diseases, then Universal Studios wants to take that experience one step further. They've created a new maze for their spooky spectacular, Halloween Horror Nights, and Eli Roth's Hostel is their latest inspiration. If you'd like to be stalked like game through the halls of a gory torture factory by members of Elite Hunting (the charming antagonists in the film), you won't want to miss this year's maze. 

Eli Roth's Hostel: Hunting Season runs through October 31, and the director is promising that the new attraction will be as badass as it sounds. "People will have a chance to experience some exact moments from their favorite Hostel scenes, along with some new surprises." There's also going to be a Thing maze based on the upcoming prequel to John Carpenter's classic film (that is absolutely perfect the way it is and doesn't need no stinkin' prequel), but it sounds like reliving those Hostel moments of being sexed and drugged by hot Euro-babes who want to sell you off to the highest bidder will be a lot more entertaining.

Visit the website for more details on Halloween Horror Nights, and keep your eyes peeled for Roth at the Eyegore Awards, which opens the festivities on September 23.





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