Slick Infographic Breaks Down the 10 Most Popular Horror Franchises by Box Office, Body Count and Time to First Kill

Slick Infographic Breaks Down the 10 Most Popular Horror Franchises by Box Office, Body Count and Time to First Kill

Mar 08, 2012

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As far as we're concerned, if you take away at least one interesting fact from an infographic, it's done its duty. In the case of the above image, there's way more than just one to pick up on.

Created by Jesse Watson, AKA Reddit user, genre junkie and graphic designer fur_eel, this infographic takes a statistical look at the ten most popular horror franchises of all time (as determined by box office totals) and examines three key things about each of them: How much they've made, how many people died in the franchise, and how long it takes, on average, for someone to bite the dust in each film. Grouped together in such a concise manner, plenty of interesting observations emerge:

For starters, accounting for inflation, The Exorcist is by far the highest grossing horror franchise, making twice that of second placer Saw. Sure, things get tricky whenever you try to compare the box office of 30 years ago to that of today, since the cinematic climate is so vastly different, but it's a nice reminder of the popularity of William Friedkin's film and its subsequent sequels. The real interesting stats come into play when it gets to the kills, though. For example, more people die per film in the Amityville Horror series than they do A Nightmare on Elm Street. Of particular curiosity are the average times to first kill, since there's such a huge disparity between first and last place: Friday the 13th is the quickest at 6 minutes, though that's no shocker considering it also averages 16 deaths per film, while Paranormal Activity takes, on average, a whopping 81 minutes to knock somebody off.

If you like the above graphic, its designer has made a high resolution version of it available for print, which when done properly should give you a slick 34" x 22" poster for your wall. And for more info on the design and for how to tip its creator, if you're so inclined, do check the original Reddit thread.

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