The Essential Horror Movie Calendar of 2012

The Essential Horror Movie Calendar of 2012

Oct 03, 2012

Happy October! 

I'm Professor Weinberg, head of horror cinema studies for my cat and maybe a few friends. In order to help get you ready for Halloween (and to help make you become a more well-rounded horror genius), we offer this handy little October calendar of "required viewing" for any self-respecting horror freak. There's a little bit of everything, and our hope is that, while nobody would actually follow the schedule to the letter, that it gives you a bunch of fun ideas for what to watch as Halloween draws near.

Suggestions, comments and pumpkin pie recipes? Cool. Hit us up on twitter at @moviesdotcom and/or @scottEweinberg. Now get busy!

Note: We'll be adding little tidbits of info to each film as the month goes on, so make sure you click on the titles.

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