Of Course the Necronomicon from 'The Evil Dead' Was Turned into a Bikini

Of Course the Necronomicon from 'The Evil Dead' Was Turned into a Bikini

Aug 15, 2013

Nothing screams sex appeal like a book about summoning demons that's written in blood and bound together by the flesh of the dead. So, naturally, someone took inspiration from the Necromicon seen in Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead and turned it into a Brazilian bikini. What else would you use the Necronomicon for? Cleansing the land of the innocent? That's so last year.

The bikini was created by Etsy seller Bloodlust Productions, who happens to have quite the proclivity for creating clothing out of materials that would horrify most people. If you've never been an Evil Dead fan, maybe the Slasherkini is more your speed? Or if you prefer Freddy to Jason, they've also got a few burned and stitched-flesh options available. Or if Hellraiser is what does it for you, feel free to let them know--they take requests.

Don't have much of a bikini body? Don't worry, they also have Necromicon wallets available. And yes, they are Velcro, in case there was any doubt.

All pictures by Bloodlust Productions, discovered by Geekologie.

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