In Honor of May the Fourth: What Movies Deserve Their Own Holiday?

In Honor of May the Fourth: What Movies Deserve Their Own Holiday?

May 04, 2013

Today is Star Wars Day, an unofficial holiday for fans of the film franchise, named so because the date is May the fourth. As in it sounds like "may the force (be with you)." It shouldn't be confused with Geek Pride Day, which falls on May 25, the day A New Hope opened in 1977 (and which was officially declared Star Wars Day by the Los Angeles City Council in/for 1997 only).

If you think it's unfair that Star Wars has two holidays, the second one isn't all its own. Geek Pride Day is a sort of umbrella holiday including Towel Day (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and Glorious 25 May (Terry Pratchett's Discworld). It's also writer Bob Gale's birthday, so let's just start throwing Back to the Future fandom in there too.

Unless Back to the Future deserves its own holiday. And given its numerous significant dates, it likely does. There's September 5, which can be Hill Valley Day; November 5, which is Flux Capacitor Day; June 9 is Marty McFly's birthday; October 26 is the date Marty first travels in time; October 21 is when the gang arrive in 2015... and so on. As with Geek Pride Day, you can also just pick the original film's release date, July 3. 

Here are 10 other potential dates to turn into official holidays based on movies (some of them are already recognized by fans as they occur). One of them is based on a real event and is my pick for most deserving:

January 12: 2001 Day (HAL's "birth" day)

April 10: Clerks Day (the film takes place on this date)

April 29: Godfather Day (Vito Corleone's birthday)

May 13: Final Destination Day (the date of the original plane crash)

July 18: Jurassic Park Day (first day of the trip to Jurassic Park, as per the novel)

July 31: Harry Potter Day (the protagonist's birthday)

August 19: Innocence Day (date the West Memphis Three -- of the Paradise Lost trilogy and West of Memphis -- were freed)

August 29: Judgment Day (originally, in the Terminator series)

September 22: Lord of the Rings Day (Bilbo and Frodo's birthday)

December 19: Karate Kid Day (Daniel's big tournament win)




What movie should have a holiday officially declared in its honor?

Here are some responses received so far via Twitter:
















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