In Honor of 'The Way, Way Back': Which of These Awesome Waterslides Is Your Favorite?

In Honor of 'The Way, Way Back': Which of These Awesome Waterslides Is Your Favorite?

Jul 05, 2013

One of this summer's best films arrives on only 19 screens today, but if you're anywhere near one of those theaters then definitely make this movie a priority (look for theaters over at Fandango). It's called The Way, Way Back, and not only is it fun, charming and hilarious at times, but it also takes you way, way back to those summer vacations your parents made you take as a kid. The ones that didn't sound like a good time at first, but somewhere along the way you met someone or did something that actually wound up changing your life forever.  

The plot follows a shy, quiet kid (Liam James) who travels to his mother's boyfriend's beach house for a summer of dysfunctional fun. It's there that he winds up befriending the ragtag group of dorky misfits who run the nearby waterpark, and along with assistance from a summer crush, he quickly learns how to come out of his shell. Featuring a tremendous ensemble cast, with scene-stealing performances from Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney (along with an unexpected role played by Steve Carell), this little indie may just be the feel-good movie of the summer. Here, listen to my audio review below to find out why.

Note: This audio review was recorded back in January while at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival

And since The Way, Way Back is about coming of age inside a water park, here are some videos of awesome waterslides to get you in the mood to see it.



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