In Honor of 'The FP,' Watch 'Mortal Kombat' Characters Battle 'Street Fighter' Characters in a Dance-Off Contest

In Honor of 'The FP,' Watch 'Mortal Kombat' Characters Battle 'Street Fighter' Characters in a Dance-Off Contest

Mar 16, 2012


I've said it before and I'll say it again: When it comes to comedies, you likely won't get a juicier weekend in 2012 than this weekend. Between 21 Jump Street, Jeff, Who Lives at Home and The FP, there's so much smart, fun diverse comedy in there that we really can't see another weekend topping it. Since I already poured a 40oz full of love over 21 Jump Street and Jeff, Who Lives at Home earlier this week, now it's time to get my beat-beat on and throw some good vibes toward The FP, which is this completely nutty dark comedy about guys and girls who battle one another in these ultra menacing dance-off competitions. Naturally Drafthouse Films is the only company crazy enough to release this sucker in theaters, and they wisely offered up the first 10 minutes for free online so you can see if it's your type of thing. This isn't a film for everyone, so I strongly recommend you watch those first minutes before shelling out the bucks. If you're diggin' what you see, then definitely dive in because this film is a trip ... and then some.

Hit up your local theater to see if The FP is playing by you, but they're also using that new TUGG system where you and your friends can request a screening, and if there's enough of you they'll show it. That's probably the best way to watch this -- surrounded by friends with similar tastes -- because afterwards you can all dance-battle each other, or make out, or do whatever it is kids do once their minds are blown.

In honor of The FP, here's a video featuring Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter characters battle-dancing.

And so you don't have to go anywhere else, here are those first 10 minutes of The FP

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