The Holy Trinity: Angels & Demons Will Have Three Different Editions

The Holy Trinity: Angels & Demons Will Have Three Different Editions

Sep 08, 2009

Director Ron Howard listened to everyone’s serious grievances about The Da Vinci Code and in the sequel, Angels & Demons, Tom Hank’s Robert Langdon character does indeed have a better haircut. Aside from that, we get more of the same as our favorite symbologist races through Rome to find four Cardinals kidnapped by the Illuminati before they are murdered as part of a devious plan to blow up Vatican City. Fans of religious conspiracies will have their prayers answered on November 24 when Sony releases three different editions of Angels & Demons. The one-disc theatrical DVD includes three making-of featurettes and a look at the CERN scientific research center. A two-disc extended DVD has those four featurettes plus “Handling Props,” “Angels & Demons: The Full Story,” an introduction to ambigram artist John Langdon (the inspiration for author Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon character) and the Hans Zimmer Music Studio, which is a DVD-ROM application that gives users the opportunity to create their own version of the Angels & Demons score using original Hans Zimmer tracks. The Blu-ray edition has both the theatrical and extended versions of the film and all the previously mentioned bonus features plus BD-Live capabilities and an interactive map called “The Path of Illumination,” in which viewers follow Langdon’s journey through Rome, explore architecture, discover new facts, and see additional behind-the-scenes footage from each location. If this isn’t quite enough Catholic goodness for you, Blu-ray Bob suggests you catch a flight to Rome and kick around in Vatican City until the next sequel comes out.

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