Exclusive: 'Holy Motors' Promo Art Teases More of the Year's Most Bizarre (and Beloved) Movie

Exclusive: 'Holy Motors' Promo Art Teases More of the Year's Most Bizarre (and Beloved) Movie

Oct 12, 2012

There's a reason everyone is buzzing about Holy Motors, and it's because it's a film worth buzzing about. Leos Carax's love letter to cinema -- to experiences, to soul searching, to old, white stretched limousines -- plays out like a fever dream of the most majestic and intimate moments. It's a movie that asks you to turn off your brain and turn on your heart as it skips from one story to the next, forever adapting along with its main character, a man who travels to various appointments via limousine. Throughout the span of a day, he becomes several different characters from different worlds (and genres), as the film itself morphs from comedy to horror to thriller to sci-fi to musical, all without skipping a beat. 

Holy Motors just recently played like gangbusters at Fantastic Fest (where it took home the 2012 Critics' Award), as well as at the New York Film Festival, and is destined to go down as one of the best movies of the year, especially for lovers of the kind of cinema that's beautiful, challenging and rich with ideas you'll want to discuss long after the credits roll. In honor of the film's upcoming release, Movies.com is happy to premiere this intriguing piece of promo art that touches on some of the film's central themes while surrounding them with various images from the movie.

Holy Motors will hit theaters in New York on October 17, then expand nationwide on November 9. 


"We have incredible motors inside ourselves, too. The film is a kind of science fiction in which humans, beasts and machines are on the verge of extinction -- 'sacred motors' linked together by a common fate and solidarity, slaves to an increasingly virtual world. A world from which visible machines, real experiences and actions are gradually disappearing." -- Leos Carax

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