Watch: 40 of Hollywood's Most Memorable Audition Clips

Watch: 40 of Hollywood's Most Memorable Audition Clips

Mar 27, 2014

Mark Hamill Star Wars Audition

While we’d argue the title of this audition-tape compilation is a bit misleading (if only because many of these actors were already famous by the time they performed these auditions), there’s no denying it’s fun to go back and see some of your favorite stars testing for roles that would go on to define their careers.

YouTube channel InsaneOtter has put together this nearly five-minute supercut featuring everyone from Mark Hamill to Lindsay Lohan practicing their craft in pursuit of a dream gig. You’ve probably seen some of this footage before (the Star Wars stuff has made the rounds a lot over the years), but there’s a bunch of great tape you probably missed out on.

Warning: don’t blast this at the office, as it gets pretty NOT SAFE FOR WORK when Alyson Hannigan recounts how she used her flute one time at band camp.

Watch the clip below and relive some of the best auditions of all time.

[via Filmmaker IQ]





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