Hollywood Wants to Reboot Your Brain

Hollywood Wants to Reboot Your Brain

Jan 20, 2011

You know that movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray plays some dude who keeps reliving the same day over and over again until he finally straightens out his life and starts treating people better? Yeah, well, like Groundhog Day, it would appear that Hollywood wants us to relive its movies over and over again by constantly remaking them. At the present time we're remaking films from the 70s and 80s, and it won't be long till we hit the 90s (heck, Sony is already rebooting Spider-Man after the first film came out less than a decade ago).

Pretty soon we'll be seeing remakes surpass the original in box office grosses, and eventually I imagine the all-time highest box office grosses list will be full of nothing but sequels, remakes and reboots. In fact, out of the top 50 highest grossing films of all time, about 25 or so figure into that exact category all ready.

Today, as news hits that Warner Bros. wants to reboot films like Lethal Weapon, The Wild Bunch, Westworld and even Annie, you have to wonder why this system is so afraid of original ideas, especially when people seem to flock to films like District 9, Inception and even Avatar, which itself was based on a completely original concept and is now the highest grossing movie of all time.

Do we really want to spend our hard-earned money watching poorly executed recreations of films we've already seen? Hollywood thinks your answer to that question is yes, or at least they're telling you that your answer is yes. And what are you doing? You're politely nodding before happily scarfing down an extra large popcorn because it's only 25 cents more expensive than the medium, and that's the best news you've heard all day.

We may all be living a hard knock life, but when Hollywood comes knocking with a reboot of a sequel of a remake, how about next time you send them back until they come up with something a little more original ... or at least a few coupons for a free popcorn.

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