Hollywood Reports Another Record-Breaking Year at the Box Office

Hollywood Reports Another Record-Breaking Year at the Box Office

Jan 02, 2014

Movie ticketsEvery year we listen to the motion-picture industry complain that Internet piracy is destroying its business. And then at the end of every year, we see the same motion-picture industry proclaim that the past 12 months were “record setting” in terms of tickets sold. The year 2013 is no exception.

A Variety article breaks down the year that was, revealing that 2013’s totals are just $1.6 million behind the record tally of $10.837 billion (that’s right…billion with a B) taken in last year. Maybe that whole piracy thing is being blown out of proportion – especially when you consider the fact that China, a haven of piracy according to various resources, has played a significant role in boosting foreign ticket-sales figures over the past year. Add in a strong holiday period (up 10% from last year’s figures), and Hollywood seems to be doing pretty well.

With figures through yesterday still to be added to the total haul, 2013 could be the year where Hollywood breaks the $11 billion barrier – and it did so in a rather interesting way.

The year 2012 saw four films cracking the billion-dollar market in global ticket sales, while this past year only had one (Iron Man 3, but The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug could also reach that plateau sometime this year). There were also 31 films that broke the $100 million mark – which was the same number as in 2012 – but Anchorman 2 and American Hustle could break the tie before it’s all said and done.

Summer and the holidays remain the big seasons for raking in the cash – eight of the top 10 grossing films of the year were released in those windows (Gravity and Oz the Great and Powerful were not). Seven of those 10 films were prequels or sequels (meaning we’ll be seeing more of those), and three films in that group were animated.

With several massive titles planned for 2014 release, it doesn’t appear that the gravy train will slow down anytime soon. Then there’s 2015 – with a new Star Wars movie, an Avengers sequel and Superman vs. Batman (plus some other megatitles in the queue) -- clearly it’s a good time to be in the movie business.

Check out some more stats from the year just passed over at Variety.


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