Hollywood Publicist's Suspected Killer Shoots Himself in Front of Police

Hollywood Publicist's Suspected Killer Shoots Himself in Front of Police

Dec 02, 2010

It has all the makings of a Hollywood movie: Murder, Intrigue ... Dead Publicists. When long-time Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was gunned down on her way home from the Burlesque premiere last month, people immediately suspected something strange was up. Was this a setup? Was Chasen being targeted by a business rival? A former client? Or was Burlesque really that bad?

Many of these questions are still unanswered, but some news is beginning to break ... except the one man who's able to provide answers is now dead.  According to the Beverly Hills Police Department, the main suspect in the Ronni Chasen case shot himself in the head after police popped up at his apartment building looking to serve him with a search warrant. Reports indicate the man shouted "I'm not going back to prison" before offing himself in spectacular fashion (why can't this stuff ever make it on an episode of Cops?).

The news comes as details from Chasen's will have come to light, noting that the value of her estate was around $6.1 million. There's nothing on there that immediately rings a false alarm -- a lot of the money was to go to different charities -- except for when it came to one of her nieces, Jill Gatsby, whom she only gave $10. Yup, 10 bucks. How's that for a slap in the face from beyond the grave?

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