Hollywood is Now Making Movies Out of Old Atari Games

Hollywood is Now Making Movies Out of Old Atari Games

Jan 12, 2011

Yeah, I'd imagine by now it's pretty safe to say that Hollywood has officially run out of ideas. In their quest to leave no random, decades-old stone unturned, Hollywood is just blindly grabbing every known existing property that may or may not be capable of eventually becoming a movie that opens fifth at the box office in its first weekend with, say, $8 million.

Their next stop: Old Atari games. Oh yes. Look at the picture we've included in this post, and now imagine that Hollywood actually wants to make a movie out of that. Now try hard not to slam your head against the wall out of frustration.

Atari and 20th Century Fox are teaming on a Missile Command movie, which will be based on the old '80s Atari game which had something to do with shooting down missiles because, back then, that's what we thought would happen if the Russians were pissed off enough.

Other Atari games you should expect to see as movies in the future include Asteroids and an untitled film featuring our childhood being repeatedly slapped in the face.

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