Holiday Gift Idea #420: Large, Dried-Out Beetles Dressed as 'Jurassic Park' Characters

Holiday Gift Idea #420: Large, Dried-Out Beetles Dressed as 'Jurassic Park' Characters

Dec 14, 2011

What do you get for the person who has everything? Well, define “everything,” because I’m pretty sure no matter who they are they don’t have a collection of large, dried-out beetles wearing costumes based on Jurassic Park characters. Yes, you can now own a Centaurus beetle inspired by Sir Richard Attenborough as John Hammond, complete with amber-topped walking cane and a tiny Panama Jack straw hat.

The Mary Sue brought this oddity to our attention from Erin Pearce’s Etsy store, where Ms. Pearce offers the big bad beetles for sale at $100 each. There are currently four characters in the collection -- Dr. Ellie Sattler (my favorite, in that the stag beetle is wearing a blonde wig), Dr. Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, and Robert Muldoon.

Muldoon over Alan Grant? Puh-leeze. My hope is that Ms. Pearce simply isn’t finished with the set, and that Grant and Dennis Nedry and, ooh, even skeezy lawyer Gennaro are on the way. Regardless, if there’s a Jurassic Park fan in your life, you’ll find no Christmas present better, weirder, or more unique than this.


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