'The Hobbit' Unveils a Second Production Video

'The Hobbit' Unveils a Second Production Video

Jul 11, 2011

Peter Jackson posted a ten-minute behind-the-scenes video blog for The Hobbit, which details the production process – or as the director explains, is really the pre-production, principal photography and effects rendering process running all at once. The shoot has lasted over 200 days, and the crew looks like they've been awake that long too, but with the first part – or block – wrapped up, they can finally enjoy some R&R.

For Jackson, that means he has time to work on the post-production visuals, the script, and a chance to venture to southern New Zealand to scout more Middle Earth hangouts – which basically includes breathtaking nature shots of expansive mountains, rivers, and fields. We also get a peek at second unit director Andy Serkis at work when he's not playing Gollum and a feel for his warm rapport with Jackson.

The two-part Tolkien journey will follow Bilbo Baggins accompanying Gandalf and a group of dwarves as they encounter deadly creatures big and small in a quest that eventually reunites them with the One Ring. The films hit theaters December 14, 2012, and December 13, 2013, which feels like centuries from now, so savor this video update below.


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