Hobbit Heaven

Hobbit Heaven

Jul 28, 2009


All of Middle Earth fell into despair when it was announced that the upcoming The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy Blu-ray set on November 3 would be the theatrical versions only. While this fact remains true, we might not have to wait until the theatrical release of The Hobbit in 2011, as many suspected, for the extended versions of LOTR on Blu-ray. According to an interview with director Peter Jackson on Collider.com, the studio has already spoken with him about producing additional content for The Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition Trilogy Blu-ray release. More importantly, Jackson indicated that the precious BD set would be available next year. Blu-ray Bob hopes the Extended Edition Trilogy includes seamless-branching technology so little Hobbits can watch either the theatrical or extended version of each film from the same disc. Middle Earth still has One Ring to rule them all, but there will be more than one BD set to bind them—and sooner than we thought.

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