Hitchcock's Newly Restored 1928 Comedy 'Champagne' to Screen One Day Only Online

Hitchcock's Newly Restored 1928 Comedy 'Champagne' to Screen One Day Only Online

Sep 26, 2012

Arts and culture website The Space will be screening Alfred Hitchcock's newly restored silent comedy, Champagne — thanks to the BFI. Bring your bubbly to the computer on Thursday, September 27 at 3:30 p.m. ET for a look at Hitch's eighth film about a spoiled heiress named Betty (Betty Balfour) living off daddy's trust fund. Pops is in the champagne business and isn't a fan of Betty's gold-digging boyfriend so he devises a plan to get rid of him. Hitch wasn't in the business of killing off his characters in 1928, so the shady Romeo lives to tell about it.

In an interview with François Truffaut, the director expressed his unhappiness with the story, stating that "the film had no story to tell." Initial reviews of the film were mixed to negative, but Hitch's visuals dazzled audiences as expected. A newly commissioned score performed live by award-winning artist Mira Calix will accompany the restoration. She is known for her electronic music compositions, and classical orchestration contributions to art installations, film soundtracks, theater and opera. 
See a still from the restoration, below. Then, head to BFI's website to find out the full details about the process. If a glass of champagne doesn't get you in the mood for more Hitch, visit The Space where you can watch several documentaries about the director. [via Movieline]

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