Buy This: "History of Film" Print Chronicles 100 Years of Great Movies

Buy This: "History of Film" Print Chronicles 100 Years of Great Movies

Nov 09, 2012

History of Film poster

If you’re a film historian who also loves art, or you have a special someone in your life who fits that description, this new print chronicling the history of cinema might make a nice holiday gift.

Titled “The History of Film,” this 42 x 22 inch print from award-winning designer Larry Gormley certainly lives up to its name. Featuring over 2,000 films spanning a 100-year period, the print chronicles the major films and genres that have made up the medium. Everything from animation to horror is covered, including obscure titles and modern blockbusters, all broken down by category (and occasionally subcategory). It’s sure to be not only a conversation piece amongst cinephiles, but could also help you find out about titles in your favorite genres you might have otherwise missed.

The History of Film comes printed on medium weight paper (your choice of Print or Giclee Print) starting at $36. Mounting and framing options are also available, with the top of the line black frame version running $192.

Click the image below for complete ordering details and information as well as an easier to read version of the print.

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