These 'Thor' Parody Videos Will Make Your Day

These 'Thor' Parody Videos Will Make Your Day

Nov 08, 2013

Thor and Loki

Thor: The Dark World is opening everywhere today – and in preparation for this momentous event, we’ve got three new hilarious videos to share with you. Videos that might make you wonder if Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is actually more interesting than the God of Thunder himself.

In this first clip, Hiddleston dons his Loki garb to parody those AT&T “It’s Not Complicated” commercials (you know, the ones where Beck Bennett interviews a group of kids with amusing results). In the Comedy Central spoof, Loki’s asking the questions and he doesn’t enjoy the answer one little girl gives when asked “who’s better – Thor or Loki?” Check out the video below. [via Neatorama]


Our second clip once again features Hiddleston, although this time he’s just being himself and not Thor’s villainous sibling. MTV’s Josh Horowitz coerced the actor into doing a slumber party, and the results are pretty amusing. Watch Hiddleston squirm through a Marvel-themed game of “F***, Marry, Kill”, see him bust out some wicked dance moves, and gasp as he actually hits a man with glasses.



Finally, we wrap things up with this really clever video mash-up that merges MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 reality show with footage from the first Thor film. Entitled Thor 3: Thor’s Super Sweet 16, this should put a rest to all those story rumors about the next film – clearly, the next sequel is all about Thor’s big day and Loki coming to terms with not being invited. Yet again, Loki steals the show. Marvel might have to give this guy his very own film at some point. [via Geek Tyrant]



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