Hilarious Movie Posters Highlight the Disturbing Messages Found in Disney's Animated Classics

Hilarious Movie Posters Highlight the Disturbing Messages Found in Disney's Animated Classics

Jun 10, 2013

It’s hard to think of more wholesome children’s entertainment than Disney movies (well, maybe if you exclude Song of the South…), but if you really stop and think about it, there are some unsettling messages in the House of Mouse’s animated features. Website The FW has uncovered some of those hilariously disturbing themes and put them into poster form. Here are a few of our favorites.

101 Dalmatians is a heart-warming tale about a whole lot of dogs – but as Bob Barker likes to say, you really should spay and neuter your pets. When you stop and think about it, having 101 dogs isn’t so much a sweet and lovable thing as it is a case of animal hoarding…

101 Dalmatians comedy poster

Disney is hardly the only company to update a Shakespeare play in some way to make it palatable to modern audiences, but the FW is pretty spot on in renaming The Lion King as Hamlet with Animals.

lion king comedy poster

Feminism is alive and stronger than ever, but you wouldn’t realize that if you watched The Little Mermaid with your daughter. Change for Your Man indeed.

Little Mermaid comedy poster

Of course, Little Mermaid was hardly the first film to send dated gender messages to impressionable girls. Cinderella was doing it decades earlier – where the title character escapes her life by getting a magical makeover and finding a man to rescue her…

Cinderella comedy poster

The gender stuff doesn’t just apply to the ladies though – look at The Hunchback of Notre Dame, or as the FW has rechristened it, Nice Guys Finish Last. Better luck next time, Quasimodo.

Hunchback comedy poster

Check out more of the posters at the FW and let us know your favorites below.

[via Design Taxi]

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