Should These Ladies Be Hollywood's Highest Paid Actresses?

Should These Ladies Be Hollywood's Highest Paid Actresses?

Jul 06, 2011

Forbes created a list of Hollywood's highest paid actresses, highlighting those who earned the most dough from May 2010 to May 2011, for a total of $218 million. Oscar-winners like Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts made the list -- which doesn't feel like a huge surprise -- but the other picks are kind of a bummer. Coming in at $30 million and tied for first place are Salt star Angelina Jolie and Sex and the City vet Sarah Jessica Parker -- who is hanging onto that film franchise for dear life when she's not designing clothes and fragrances, or pretending it's still the 90s. In fact, most of the list reads like a who's who of cruddy rom-coms starring America's sweethearts who are existing on name recognition alone. At least Jennifer Aniston is tied with someone who didn't shack up with Brad Pitt, but Reese Witherspoon deserves better company. Both starlets raked in $28 million, and Aniston's Horrible Bosses -- which opens this Friday -- will most likely keep the party going until her next flop. Bella Swan has been kind to Kristen Stewart. At $20 million she ties with Julia Roberts who is busy Eat, Pray, Love-ing her money. Check out the other Miss Money Bags below. 

Who are you hoping to see on the list for next year? Who is criminally underpaid or was overlooked? How would this list compare with a highest paid actors ranking? Weigh in with your votes in the comments below.

Angelina Jolie, $30 million
Sarah Jessica Parker, $30 million
Jennifer Aniston, $28 million
Reese Witherspoon, $28 million
Julia Roberts, $20 million
Kristen Stewart, $20 million
Katherine Heigl, $19 million
Cameron Diaz, $18 million
Sandra Bullock, $15 million
Meryl Streep, $10 million

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