Here's Your First Look at Naomi Watts as Princess Diana

Here's Your First Look at Naomi Watts as Princess Diana

Jul 02, 2012

We've got to be honest: We're not seeing the dead ringer similarities others seem to be regarding Eastern Promises actress Naomi Watts and her screen role of Princess Diana in Caught in Flight. The photograph we spied on The Playlist is a set image, however, so perhaps that will change once we watch her in action. For now, and oddly enough, she looks like a cross between Diana and Prince Charles' mistress Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. It's striking enough, and it works. The role was originally intended for The Help star Jessica Chastain, but we have complete faith in Watts' screen prowess. 

The film is being directed by Downfall helmer Oliver Hirschbiegel and written by The Libertine scribe Steven Jeffreys. Caught in Flight depicts Diana's affair with Dr. Hasnat Kahn (Lost's Naveen Andrews) that lasted from the mid-nineties until shortly before her death in 1997. He was said to be the real love of her life, but the film is opting for a darker turn at the story. Apparently the script will portray her as a "damaged person who stalks the doctor after he ends the affair." After they broke up, Diana dated Egyptian film producer Dodi Fayed — reportedly to make Kahn jealous — who died alongside Diana in a devastating car wreck.
The seemingly controversial film will undoubtedly stir decades-old gossip about the royal family, with all eyes on Watts as the beloved Princess of Wales. Drop us your thoughts about the photo below, and let us know if you think there's an award in Watts' future.


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