Here's Your Definitive 2014-2020 Superhero Movie Calendar

Here's Your Definitive 2014-2020 Superhero Movie Calendar

Oct 29, 2014

The past few weeks have brought us a lot of superhero movie news and whole ton of a release-date announcements, and by this point you're probably trying to make sense of just how many superhero movies are coming to theaters between now and 2020. Not just that, but what superhero movies are arriving when, and what characters will they feature? 

While we don't have all those questions answered yet, we do have this definitive superhero movie calendar to help you keep track of it all. We'll be updating this calendar as titles and dates are announced, but here's a great snapshot of what we know right now.

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Superhero Movie Release Calendar

[image via John LaRue]

Note: This calendar has been updated on October 29, 2014.



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