Here's Why You Shouldn't Change Your Name to Han Solo

Here's Why You Shouldn't Change Your Name to Han Solo

Jul 02, 2014

Look dudes, we get it. Han Solo is a cool name. It belongs to one of the slickest, hippest movie characters of all time. A real hero. The guy who still wooed Princess Leia after he was literally frozen in carbonite. We can see how attractive that name might be to a young lad looking to impress... someone. We're not sure who, but there's probably someone out there who would want to befriend--and maybe even date--a guy whose name is Han Solo. Right?

Well one guy figured he'd try it out, and he soon learned that unlike his namesake, being Han Solo in real life definitely has its travel restrictions. Thirty-four-year-old Star Wars fan (and U.K. resident) Dominic Kimberley just wanted to see how easy it would be to change his name to Han Solo, and thanks to a company called the Legal Deed Service, he was able to do just that for only a few bucks. Soon after he legitimately became Han Solo, though, our intergalactic smuggler learned that because his name is based on that of a fictional character, he can not get a passport and therefore is stuck in England, unable to assist his pal Chewbacca on any future missions.

Thankfully, Solo was able to get the name on his bank card, and says his friends get a kick out of traveling with him to deposit funds, all of which sounds riveting. And while it might be easy to poke fun at the guy for legally changing his name to Han Solo, at least it's better than the other Legal Deed Service customer who actually changed his name to "Captain Fantastic Faster than Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wolverine, Hulk and the Flash Combined." True story.

We wouldn't want to be that guy at a meet and greet. 




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