Here's What J.J. Abrams Had to Do to Keep People from Taking Pics of the 'Star Trek' Sequel Set

Here's What J.J. Abrams Had to Do to Keep People from Taking Pics of the 'Star Trek' Sequel Set

Mar 26, 2012

If you've followed anything that J.J. Abrams has done over the years, then you know he really likes to keep a secret. As a guy who grew up with movies before they were spoiled all over the internet prior to release, he takes great pride in being able to wrap his movies in a secretive blanket that's slowly unraveled leading up to release, choosing which bits and pieces to reveal and which to keep hidden so moviegoers can discover those fun little nerdy nuggets themselves. That's how it should be -- because the less you know should make for a more enjoyable moviegoing experience -- but we live in an age where, for whatever reason, we just need to know ... everything. Especially when it comes to Abrams' long-awaited Star Trek sequel, due out next year.

Early set pics have already leaked from the sequel, showing way more than Abrams was comfortable with. So in order to put a stop to all the photo leaks, Abrams went so far as to order 30 large shipping containers to build a wall around the set so that no paparazzi could snap photographs. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to keep things under your hat, and while that wall of containers looks menacing, we're pretty sure the paparazzi will find a way around them if it means there's a big payday involved.

What say you? Would you rather see these leaked images to get a feel for what Abrams has planned for the sequels, or are you fine not knowing anything until closer to release?

[via Egotastic, via TrekWeb]


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