Here's What a Darker, More Violent Version of 'Peter Pan' Looks Like

Here's What a Darker, More Violent Version of 'Peter Pan' Looks Like

Jan 28, 2014


French comic scribe and artist Régis Loisel created a darker, violent series of works based on the Peter Pan saga first created by author J. M. Barrie. Filmmaker Nicolas Duval wrote and directed an adaptation of Loisel’s graphic novels, which continues the gritty, Dickensian story in short-film form.

Sparkly fairy Tinker Bell is included, but she’s (hurray!) not a blonde, white, Hollywood-ized version of the character. Young Peter isn’t an orphan here, but a child of an alcoholic, cruel mother. And of course Captain Hook makes an appearance, ruling his crew with an iron fist. Duval’s visuals are moody and magical, and we’d love to see another entry in this series that reveals what happens next, as we’re left with a bit of a cliffhanger.

Let us know how these stand up to the graphic novels if you’ve read them.


[Spotted via Geek Tyrant]

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