Here's What 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Needs to Look Like

Here's What 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Needs to Look Like

Oct 04, 2013

While we await even the tiniest official peep regarding J.J. Abrams' Star Wars sequel Star Wars: Episdode VII--Calm Down with the Lens Flares, we keep ourselves busy by obsessing over the millions of Star Wars artifacts currently circulating online. One such piece of Star Wars geekery comes in the form of this fan-made short from actor and producer Paul J. Alessi, who's sort of like a straight-to-cable action star. Apparently this may have been created as a proof-of-concept teaser for a potential Star Wars television series or spin-off film, but like the countless other fan-made Star Wars films, nothing ever came of it.

Check it out below.

There are a few things about this we really like. First, the tone fits the Star Wars world we want to see in Episode VII. It's ominous and haunting, and sort of reminds us of that moment where Luke Skywalker is slowly walking through Jabba's palace in the opening scenes of Return of the Jedi

Also, what a little twist at the end. That the person underneath the familiar Jedi cloak is none other than Han Solo and Princess Leia's daughter, who's training to become a Jedi. More than anything this is something we need to see in the next Star Wars movie. All signs are already pointing to the children of both Luke and Leia figuring prominently into this new Star Wars trilogy, but it's videos like this one that make you all sorts of giddy about the potential in those stories and characters. These sequels need a prominent female Jedi, and it'd be fun if she was a member of the Solo family, dealing with the complexity of being a mix between her cocky human father and her Force-feeling mother.

What do you think? Would you want to see a Solo daughter in Episode VII

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