Here's Some Fun Stuff from 'Back to the Future II' That You Can Actually Buy

Here's Some Fun Stuff from 'Back to the Future II' That You Can Actually Buy

Jun 05, 2014

Back to the Future II is one of those movies that's definitely reached cult status in terms of the futuristic clothing and toys featured in the film. As we approach the year 2015, which is the same future year Marty and Doc travel to in the movie, demand for Nike to create real-life auto-lacing sneakers is at an all-time high, not to mention fan desire to own a real, working hoverboard. (Personally, I just want the jacket that auto-fits and self dries in case it gets wet.)

While we await word on whether Nike will indeed release those sneakers next year (we still have some time before hoverboards are for sale at the local toy store), there are some other fun pieces of Back to the Future II merchandise you can pick up for relatively inexpensive prices.

Diamond Select [via Geek Tyrant] has released a number of items from Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise, like shot glasses, pint glasses and a neat poker set, as well as a little token from Cafe '80s. Prices range from $10 through $99, and everything is available for preorder now.

Scope out images below and preorder here.

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