Here's the Original 'Exorcist' Trailer Warner Bros. Felt Was Too Intense to Release

Here's the Original 'Exorcist' Trailer Warner Bros. Felt Was Too Intense to Release

Nov 06, 2013

There's a video going around these days that sites are claiming to be the original trailer for The Exorcist, which was supposedly "banned" for being too terrifying. As far as our research goes, though, there was never an actual ban involved. What happened was Warner Bros. executives felt that the combination of the music (which Lalo Schifrin wrote specifically for this) and the strobe imagery was too much for audiences, so they pulled the trailer from a wide release. 

So, no, the below trailer wasn't "banned" in any traditional sense, it sounds more like it was simply shot down by the studio. And it's understandable why, because it is a very intense way to cut together a trailer for any movie, demonic possession or not. 

The funny thing about this is it's so hard to imagine anyone cutting together a trailer like this these days. Not because it's too terrifying, but simply because studios do not think this far outside the box. Though, I guess since this trailer was never properly released, it's not like they thought too far outside the box back in 1972, either.

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