Here's the Movie James Cameron Will Direct After He's Finished with Those 'Avatar' Sequels

Here's the Movie James Cameron Will Direct After He's Finished with Those 'Avatar' Sequels

Oct 23, 2012

James CameronRemember when James Cameron said he was only going to make Avatar sequels from here on out? Yeah, scratch that.

THR reports that Cameron has picked up the film rights to Taylor Stevens’ novel The Informationist, and that he will direct and produce the feature. The book focuses on an African woman who grew up around mercenaries and later becomes an “information dealer” for wealthy clients. Her latest customer sends her on a quest to find his missing daughter, which sends the main character back to her homeland.

Early comparisons describe the novel’s main character as a “cross between Lisbeth Salander and Sherlock Holmes," and given Cameron’s penchant for strong female leads, this could turn out to be an interesting new franchise.

Stevens has already published two books about the character, so there’s certainly a chance we might see these books become Cameron’s next big project. Of course, the question is when will see this movie? With the filmmaker committed to Avatar 23 and 4 (rumored to be a prequel) for the foreseeable future, we might not see The Informationist start to take shape until much closer to 2020.

Despite that potential delay, Cameron and company currently have a call out for writers. We’ll keep you updated on this one as the story develops. Here's the book's trailer ...


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