Here's How to Find the Perfect Movie to Watch on Netflix

Here's How to Find the Perfect Movie to Watch on Netflix

May 13, 2013


Everyone knows the problem with Netflix is that you spend more time searching for something to watch than you do actually watching movies. This can be a good thing if you discover new films during the hunt, but getting sucked into a vortex of Watch Instantly madness can be an extremely frustrating experience. We spotted a flowchart on Gizmodo that attempts to solve this problem.
The diagram comes from Silver Oak Casino of all places. We don't really get the link between movies and online gaming, but we won't judge. Surprisingly, the chart makes some fantastic suggestions: Lost in Translation, Session 9 and other favorites. Hopefully it will eliminate Netflixitis and get you seeing more movies faster. Since the chart is a bit of a monster, zoom in for a better look.
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