Here's the Harsher 'Edge of Tomorrow' Ending You Never Got to See

Here's the Harsher 'Edge of Tomorrow' Ending You Never Got to See

Jul 03, 2014

The ending of Edge of Tomorrow has provoked more discussion than that of any other major release this year. Love it or hate it, we think it's a good thing if a movie can get you talking about it long after the credits roll.

And now, a month after it hit theaters, we're still talking about it. Only, this time, we're talking about the ending writer Christopher McQuarrie originally had in mind.

Heads up: Even though we're talking about an ending that never happened, we will also be talking about the movie's actual ending. Be warned, spoilerphobes.

McQuarrie, who was hired to do some last-minute rewrites on the movie, recently spoke to Film School Rejects, where he mentioned when he came to the project, the movie had a harsh ending. He doesn't say what that ending was (though he admits that he always wanted it to end on the helicopter, making it so audiences didn't know whether our heroes were successful or not), but it had to be abandoned once everyone started dialing up the comedy inherent to a story about a man stuck in a time loop. However, even with a firm grasp on the funny side, McQuarrie still toyed around with a more intense final act:

“When Tom loses the power, and they go to Paris, and Tom is preparing the team as they go into Paris where he’s telling them the rules of the movie, he tells the team everything the audience knows,” says McQuarrie. “Basically, he told them: ‘Kill as many Mimics as you want, but do not kill an Alpha. If you kill an alpha we’ll be right back here having this conversation, and we won’t even know it. The enemy will know we’re coming and they’ll kill us all.’ When they get to Paris there’s the classic horror-movie scene where one of them gets separated from the group, and he gets attacked by an Alpha and kills it. As he kills it, you see the Omega reset the day and you see the point of view of the villain. We cut to the plane and hear the same speech all over again. This time when he gets to the line, ‘You can bet they’ll have a plan to kill us all,’ the ship gets hit. As the audience, you realize the enemy knows they’re coming. The problem was you were so exhausted by the time you got to that point.”

Yeah, it's safe to say that's kind of a bummer ending, and it's certainly easy to see how it doesn't really mesh with the adventurous tale of survival that would be everything leading up to the moment where it's revealed everything was for nothing and they'll always die anyway. However, it would then set up a sequel that could follow this new soldier with the Alpha's power. But then you'd just be seeing the same movie over again, which would be kind of pointless.

So, what do you think? Do you like McQuarrie's alternate ending? Or do you like the way the movie ends on a happy note?

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