Here's the First Time Robert Englund Saw Himself As Freddy Krueger

Here's the First Time Robert Englund Saw Himself As Freddy Krueger

Jun 27, 2012

We love looking at old behind-the-scenes images from some of our favorite movies, but it's always a bit more special when we get an image like this one. According to a post on Reddit [via Slashfilm], this is the first makeup test for Freddy Krueger in the original 1984 version of A Nightmare on Elm Street. What that means is this is the first time Robert Englund saw himself as a character who would soon go down as one of the most iconic horror movie villains of all time. 

That's pretty damn cool. And you get a vibe from this image that Englund is pretty flawed by what he's seeing in the mirror; his stare is intense, as is the look on makeup artist David Miller's face. Miller was already a seasoned horror pro by the time he got to take on Freddy Krueger, having already provided special makeup effects work for Michael Jackson's Thriller, Swamp Thing, The Beastmaster and Dreamscape, among others. This one was a biggie for Miller, though, as it would end up being the most memorable film he ever worked on (sorry My Girl 2 and Night of the Comet). 

While this may not have been the first time Englund saw Krueger (prior to this we imagine he was introduced to various concept sketches and the like), this is when he started to become Krueger, physically and emotionally. It's all over this image. This is one of those rare moments caught on camera featuring the birth of a very memorable character, and so it's okay if you want to stare at this thing for a little bit as it stares right back through your soul. 

Sweet dreams ...

Note: In looking up more info on this image, we learned that this is "one of the first" makeup tests, so it may not technically be the first one. Also, we discovered a colorized version, and you can see that version below.


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