Here's the First Clip from 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

Here's the First Clip from 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

Oct 05, 2012

It's difficult to actually call this a clip since, essentially, it's more like one still image. Nevertheless, J.J. Abrams did indeed bring the first clip from his Star Trek sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, to the Conan show, only it was three frames long. According to Abrams -- who admits they're in the editing phase right now -- Paramount wouldn't let him bring a clip that was longer than three frames. So what we have is a brief flash of something, which Abrams describes as a scene involving Spock (Zachary Quinto) in a "crazy suit" inside a volcano. Why he's in a crazy suit inside a volcano, we don't know, but it all plays into J.J. Abrams' desire to keep us in the dark for as long as he possibly can.

Here's the best look we have at the scene in question:

And here's J.J. Abrams introducing the scene on Conan:

With Star Trek Into Darkness arriving in theaters on May 17, we expect the first teaser trailer to arrive in time for the holiday season. [via /Film]

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